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Your challenge: to create geo-friendly Web content that can conquer new markets, surpass customer expectations and enhance the value of the brand it represents.

But rolling out website translations can be an extremely difficult and expensive effort, involving a complex maze of diverse technologies and costly suppliers.

Fortunately, it no longer has to be that way…

Because you’re a world-focused business with global ambitions...
...SYSTRANLinks is perfectly adapted to your needs!

Welcome aboard!

You recognize the value of being able to talk to multinational audiences in their own languages. But you’re also aware of the immense costs and complexities often involved in website localization. Now there’s a cutting-edge solution that changes the rules.

Introducing SYSTRANLinks!
The most comprehensive website-translation solution on the market, SYSTRANLinks offers you an innovative and reliable online CMS platform that lets you launch and manage your localization projects with unprecedented ease – all from an intuitive centralized base.

In just a few clicks, SYSTRANLinks reproduces, pre-translates and hosts your new websites. And it gives you a rich range of user-friendly tools that allow you to constantly enhance your content and manage the entire localization process more easily.

Why choose SYSTRAN

SYSTRANLinks is not a product.
It’s a control center.

You’re in the center of the action, surrounded by competence
and state-of-the-art tools.
Quality and performance are at your fingertips.

  • Total site


    In just a few clicks, your entire website is automatically reproduced in the languages of your choice. Every element is extracted, carried over and modifiable – from the paragraphs and meta-data to the photos and graphics. The first translated version can be perfected at your convenience. And because all translated pages are cached and indexed by search engines, you can localize your key words to improve your SEO performance in each country
  • Collaborative


    Once your first translated version is in place, fine-tuning is incredibly easy. The flexible cloud-based platform unites all your tools and resources into one centralized base. And the user-friendly control dashboard makes workflow management a breeze. You can make your own edits directly, invite other professionals to work on specific sections, or use the crowd-sourcing capabilities for social-oriented content.
  • Intuitive


    There’s no need for HTML knowledge. Thanks to the intuitive post-editing interface, your webmaster or your translators work directly on the real pages. What you see is what you get! This hands-on editing mode allows you to make real-time changes and work on the content in its proper context.
  • Intelligent


    Boost your productivity with our exclusive range of professional contextual tools. The Sentence Toolkit lets you rapidly leverage proposals from various sources, including SYSTRAN’s high-performance hybrid engine, your previous work (Translation Memory), crowd suggestions, or other popular online-translation engines. With the User Dictionary Toolkit, you control the consistency of your specific terminology on your entire website. Updates are simpler too: when changes are made to the source website, you can count on a streamlined revision process to keep your sites fully synchronized.
  • Reliable


    All your localized content is hosted and delivered by our industry-leading cloud-services partner, ensuring you cutting-edge security and full availability of your data. You’ll avoid expensive hosting fees and IT investments. And you won’t have to deal with the headaches or learning curves of integrating a complex new solution in your company.
SYSTRANLinks Click to learn more and subscribe > Free Standard Pro Enterprise
Source websites managed 1 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Total page views per year (only pages hosted by SYSTRAN) 6,000 180,000 1.4 million 11 million
Localized websites hosted by SYSTRAN under domain Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Localized websites hosted by SYSTRAN under your domain 6 8 to 12 > 12
International SEO compatible Limited yes yes yes
Automatic extraction (text, links, images, files, meta-data, etc.) and dynamic update yes yes yes yes
HTTPS Support yes yes
SYSTRAN co-branding (through URLs and logo) yes
Service-availability commitment 99.0% 99.5% 99.9%
Dedicated account manager yes
Dedicated hosting yes yes
Instant site reproduction pre-translated with SYSTRAN Machine Translation * yes yes yes yes
Third-party Machine Translation integration (Google Translate API, Microsoft Translator API) yes yes yes
Trained and customized Translation Engine integration yes
INTELLIGENT TOOLS (Professional, Contextual and Collaborative)
Translation Management (pages, sentences, images and links) yes yes yes yes
Review and manage pages, sentences and post edit translations (Pages & Sentence Toolkit) yes yes yes yes
Replace images, files and external links on localized pages (Images & Links Toolkit) yes yes yes
Resources Management (Terminology and Translation Memory) yes yes yes yes
Create and manage User Dictionary (User Dictionary Toolkit) yes yes yes yes
Source entries (User Dictionary) 500 2,000 10,000 150,000
Translation Memory size (translated segments, all languages included) 750 9,000 150,000 7.2 million
Import and export of Translation Memory yes yes yes
Project Management yes yes yes yes
Collaboration tools (invitations, task management, monitoring dashboard, crowdsourcing, etc.) yes yes yes yes
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* Languages available: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish Sign Up Buy Now Learn More Learn More

Now you’re the captain!

SYSTRANLinks empowers you with a rich range of tools to make website translation faster, easier and more cost-effective than ever before.
We make sure you’re fully armed with everything you need to explore new opportunities, break through borders and boldly conquer new territories.

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